About Us

We are a leading liaison and consulting company working with clients across countries. We offer various services like governmental licensing, compliance, export, business, development, and growth strategies. 

You can choose us for the right combination of experience, exposure, and expertise. Additionally, we understand local and international regulations better than any of our competitors.


Our Vision

We dream that every entrepreneur can launch and operate their business without barriers. We want to remove all hassles from the way of generating revenues and acting as your best guide for growth and expansion.

Introducing Parsan Pharma and Chemicals Pvt Ltd:

Your Trusted Partner in Pharmaceutical Consultancy

At Parsan Pharma and Chemicals Pvt Ltd, we take pride in our long-standing expertise in providing exceptional consultancy services to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and healthcare industries. With over a decade of experience, we have successfully served a diverse range of Indian and global companies, including renowned names like Fresenius Kabi, Ajmal Ps, Arch Pharma, and Amsa Renal care. We are driven by a team of highly skilled professionals, including Sankho Banerjeea, a Government Liaison Consultancy specialist and Crisis management expert; Sukumar Das, an Ex Assistant Drug Controller with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy; and Dr. Pratim Bandyopadhyay, a distinguished Pharmaceutical consultant and Global marketeer.

Our Clients

Serving a diverse range of Indian and global companies, including:

  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Ajmal Perfumes
  • Arch Pharma
  • Amra Remedies
  • Amsa Renal care
  • Cradle Pharma
  • JIMS Medical College
  • Gouri Devi Medical College
    And many more

Our Strength

Driven by a team of highly skilled professionals from various sectors of the Pharma industry, including:

  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Formulation Scientist
  • Process Engineer
  • IT Specialists
  • Liaison Consultancy Specialists
  • Crisis Management Experts
  • Retired officers of Drug Regulatory Authorities (State and Central Government)
  • Ex-CEOs of various global Pharma MNCs
  • PharmaManufacturing and Marketing Experts
  • Distinguished Pharmaceutical Consultants and Global Marketers
  • Export Market Experts

Our Strength



With decades of experience as a Pharmaceutical Liaison consultant, Sankho Banerjee has worked with prominent global multinational companies such as Fresenius Kabi and others. His extensive expertise in pharmaceutical consulting has been a significant asset in driving innovation and ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance in the industry.


Holding an M. Pharm degree and having served as an Ex Assistant Drug Controller, Sukumar Ch Das brings a wealth of experience in Manufacturing Regulatory Affairs. His deep understanding of regulatory processes and extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry play a crucial role in maintaining the stringent regulatory standards at Parsan Pharma.


Dr. Pratim Banerjee, who has served as CEO of various global pharmaceutical multinational companies, specializes in pharma manufacturing and marketing. His leadership and expertise in both manufacturing and marketing have been instrumental in driving growth and ensuring that Parsan Pharma remains at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.